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Current Puppies

Hi my name is Athena I’m the daughter of world champion I’m a very happy still puppy at one 1 year old I like to be around my humans all the times, let me know if you will like to meet me I’m available right away.

My both parents have hips and elbow test and are very good, my mom she is herself a daughter of the world champion, I’m coming from a very noble family.

I’m very playful, I like going hiking, to the dog parks, walking around the neighborhood just to be around you makes me happy.

Father World Champion Mondo and Mother Lilly



Hi, my name is Candy and I’m a very sweet little girl. I’m really full of energy. I like to play a lot but on the same time I like to cozy on your lap I would like to grow up with you and learn together to do a lot of the fun things. I like to go for a walk and be at your side all the time. Please let me know if you want to meet me. I am a very healthy puppy. My father just got the first place in show in Canada. Both of my parents they are imported from Europe and they are very healthy. My parents name are Inga and Baku See you soon.

Hi my name is Rocky and I’m a very sweet puppy. I’m very playful and I like to be with you all day long. I like to follow you around I am a very special puppy my father his 2021 world champion my mom herself She’s a daughter of a world champion. I believe this make me very special. I am very healthy and I would like you to come and meet me I’d like to go for a walk and I promise I will be your rock. Please let me know if you wanna meet me and I’m sure when you see me you will take me home right away. I’m that cute.

My parents Mondo and Lilly and I’m born on 06/16/22

Current Puppies

Long coat male – Fire Ball

Hi my name is fireball and I’m a little bear I’m full of energy I like to play a lot with my human and then to cuddle at your legs please come and meet me and you’ll not be disappointed my parents are Royale German Shepherd and they are imported from Germany my mom she was number 23 female in the world my father he’s a son of world champion definitely this make me special I am myself a long cut beauty and I will promise to be your world champion In your eye. See you soon , I’m not going to be available for long time . I am up-to-date on the shots and I’m ready to go home now I am 8 Weeks old. My parents name is Inga and Baku alias Buddy Both of my parents are on the premises come and meet them

Long coat female – Foxy

Hi my name is foxy and I’m a very cute and full of energy puppy I’m ready to learn and be at your site let me know if you wanna meet me And learn more about me I will be a very big girl and I’m promise you to protect you with everything I can my parents are imported from Germany and they are from royal family I am up-to-date on shot and ready to go home you are ready for me My parents name are Inga and Baku I am eight weeks old short coat German shepherd female see you soon foxy