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Females GSD


These are the dams of any litter bred in the United States.


Orna vom Northwest pregnant with Sirio. She was bred in September 7 expecting puppies on November 8 estimate time for pick up @ Christmas 2 female and one male with deposit all ready

Born on 02/03/19
Father V1 Germany and Italy ares
dei Verdi Colli IGP3 kkl
Mother V SG23 BSZS 2017 Inga
von Vierhundert Hertz
IPO2 Kkl


V Inga Von Vierhundert Hertz was pregnant with V Ares Dei Verdi Colli. She was bread on December 4 and puppy born on February 02/2019, 4 healthy female. Inga she was SG 23 on German sieger show that mean she was Nr 23 in the world.


Geisha Gim is pregnant with 2 times world champion VA1 Schumann von tronje. She was bread on April 24 and she is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound. Geisha is daughter of 2013 world champion VA1 Leo von der Zenteiche and granddaughter of 2010 young world champion VA9 Lennox von Regina Pacis. Her eyes are dark and direct, her ears alert and soft, and her smile constant.

Dam born: 01. July 2017


She has a piercing gaze and striking appearance that radiates stability and tenacity. She has a rich red coat and is strong boned but still has a decidedly feminine appearance. She can be reserved at first, but once she knows you she will lie down at your feet and roll on her back for a belly rub. She has impeccable manners and is highly observant.


She is one of the most beautiful dogs we have ever seen. Her color is rich and she has a distinctly feminine face with large expressive eyes. She is strong boned but not bulky and when she sees you she will lean up against the fence so you can pet her. In the whelping box, she would always hop up and look over the wall to see what we were doing, wagging her tail the whole time as she patiently waited for attention.

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