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Males GSD


These are the males who are currently siring any litter bred in the United States.



He is ready for stud he just come back from Germany from training

And he achieve : AD,BH,IGP1,IGP2 KKL

Sire Born: 03. October 2017


Baku is the son of 2016 young world champion SG1,V1 Kaspar von tronje and grand son of 2 times world champion VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard. He is one of the first at his kennel door in the morning, wagging his tail in circles to say hello and will sometimes let breakfast wait until you say good morning to him. Baku is the perfect combination of authoritative, inquisitive and playful.


Sirio is a son of 2 times world champion Remo vom Finchsthlag and grandson of 2010 world champion Ober von bad boll. Sirio has a striking appearance. His head is elegant, his eyes dark and his coat a rich red with a sleek black saddle. He is a substantial dog with a deep bark one moment and the next he will be so excited to play that his bark sounds like laughter.

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