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Cute, curious, captivating, courageous…there is no end to the list of words that describe a puppy.  What truly makes our puppies special is the look on their faces when they crawl into your arms knowing they have found their forever home and it is the peace of mind you have knowing you have an amazing puppy and a lifetime of support.

Here you can explore our current litters as well as the upcoming litters. Our puppies are often spoken for before they are born so when you find the litter or parents that you would like, we can help you place a deposit to reserve your puppy.

Current Litters


Here you will find the litters who have been born but who have not gone home yet.












Upcoming Litters


Here you will find the litters who have not yet been born and their anticipated delivery date.  We do accept deposits on upcoming litters though until the puppies arrive we will not know how many males or females there will be. Puppies may be chosen based on the order deposits are received so if you have your heart set on a puppy from particular parents we would encourage you to contact us to arrange a visit and/or deposit to reserve your puppy.

Schumann von Tronje

Geisha Gim is pregnant with 2 times world champion VA1 Schumann von tronje. She was bread on April 24 and she is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound.

Geisha is daughter of 2013 world champion VA1 Leo von der Zenteiche and granddaughter of 2010 young world champion VA9 Lennox von Regina Pacis.

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